Is Bottled Alkaline Water Worth The Increased Expense?

Many consumers often wonder if bottled alkaline water is worth the increased expense, and whether or not it will greatly benefit their health over ordinary bottled water or even tap water. Or is an alkaline water machine a better option? There are many misconceptions and incorrect information floating around the Internet on this topic and we are going to help clear up the confusion and state the facts.

Bottled Alkaline Water


There has been a major increase in the number of companies that are now offering bottled alkaline water directly to consumers. Common sense would lead you to believe that ionized alkaline water that is produced from a water ionizer and bottled alkaline water would be the same exact thing, but that is not the case at all. In fact, they are completely different because of one component, and that is the plastic water bottle. When ionized alkaline water is bottled in plastic it loses its antioxidant potential very quickly. It takes less than 24 hours for this to happen, so this feature is long gone before the water even arrives at the stores and becomes available for consumers to purchase. Most production facilities don’t even ship off the inventory right away, so the bottled alkaline water becomes virtually useless before it is even loaded onto a delivery truck.


Many of the companies that sell this bottled water and label it as alkaline water are doing nothing more than filtering tap water and bottling it. While this is not exactly providing the consumer what they believe they are buying, they are not breaking any laws. Any water that has a pH over 7 can be labeled as alkaline water and sold as such. This is why so many bottled water companies are jumping into this market now. The profit margins are huge and with so many consumers on health kick they are buying it up as quickly as it can be produced.


Want to know something quite shocking? The average bottled alkaline water is not any different from the water available in your kitchen directly from the tap. Instead of spending money on expensive bottled water you can get the same quality directly from filtered tap water. If more consumers knew the truth behind bottled alkaline water it would save them a considerable amount of money. While filtering tap water can produce decent quality water, an alkaline water machine will produce a much more beneficial water quality, providing the consumer with acid neutralizing ability.


Alkaline Water Ionizers Are More Practical Than Bottled Alkaline Water


Either way you look at it, you need water. There isn’t a day that will go by when you do not drink water. In fact, you should probably be drinking more water than you currently are. Choosing to drink bottled water can become quite expensive and over time that amount of money spent on plastic bottles becomes outrageous. The average person would spend about $2,250 per year if they only drank bottled water, and now imagine the cost of a family of three or four. They could easily spend between $6,000 and $9,000 a year just on water. Now that you break it down this way it is easy to see the financial benefit of ditching expensive bottled alkaline water in favor for an alkaline water ionizer. Not only is the quality of the water better, but also the amount of money that will be saved is quite noticeable.


Water ionizerThe most economical way to get the best quality water for yourself and your family is to purchase a water ionizer. You can purchase a top of the line water ionizer model for less than a family would spend for a couple of months of bottled alkaline water. Not only is it a better option for your wallet, but it is also a much better health option as well.


Alkaline Water Is Great For Your Overall Health


The sudden surge of popularity is based on how many people have benefited from alkaline water. This is why there is such a huge push by manufacturers to get out their bottled alkaline water products. Even though they do not have the complete benefit, they are banking off of the name “alkaline” on the packaging and the average consumer is purchasing it because they believe there are health benefits. We live in a very health conscious world now and consumers will pay a premium to feel like they are doing what they can to be more healthy.

There are many alkaline water ionizer machines on the market and they can vary in price significantly but it is important to know why there is such a huge range before you make any decisions. There are several companies that sell water ionizer through a MLM (multi level marketing) program, and they are forced to inflate the prices in order to compensate all of the “levels” within the organization. This often results in product being sold up to four times that of comparable products just in order to compensate the down lines. There are also other manufacturers that do not sell direct to the public and they are sold in retail locations. The end retailer has to jack up the price in order to make a profit and cover their operating expenses.


A great alternative for those who are serious about getting a top of the line water ionizer should really take a look at the aqua ionizer deluxe 7.0. This is a top of the line unit with a very affordable price. This is due to the fact that the units are only sold online directly to the consumer. This eliminates high mark ups and margins that retailers implement and it passes the savings directly to the consumer. Many consumers have always felt that a home water ionizer was always out of their budget, but now thanks to the aqua ionizer deluxe 7.0, ever home can be equipped to produce healthy water. There is no need to spend money on costly bottled alkaline water any longer. For more information on the aqua ionizer deluxe 7.0 click HERE.