Water Ionizer Factory Video from Air Water Life

As you may already know our Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 water ionizer is made in a state of the art ISO 9001 water ionizer factory. Yet everyone also knows that actions speak louder than words.

So here is a big action packed video from our water ionizer factory.



  • Through out the video you will notice our advanced technology production line. Each water ionizer is tested before it leaves the factory. Every person working on the product line has to follow  the “clean room” protocols. Everyone has hair nets, aprons, metal detection to prevent missing parts, and many other protocols found in a state of the art facility.


  • One interesting part of a clean room is the slight negative pressure and air purification to prevent any dust or particle build up. The room really is super clean, even down to the molecular level.


  • Our very important RoHS or “NO LEAD” power supply is custom made. We did not just buy an off the shelf power supply like most other water ionizer factories and companies. We had ours custom created with help from our electrical genus and CEO Richard Mayer.


  • Our power supply is also “balanced” and “matched” to our platinum titanium plates. This matching of the power supply to the plates greatly improves the efficiently rating of our water ionizer. The increased efficiency allows us to use less power yet still create that high 11 pH and amazing anit-oxidant rich -840 ORP.


  • Many other companies use a power supply designed for a computer or even a television that  is unbalanced and is not deigned to work with 7 titanium plates.


  • Our matched power supply can use less power and even last longer than many other water ionizer “off the shelf” power supplies in the market today.




  • Any part made of plastic that touches the water is FDA APPROVED. We went above and beyond with this certification, to show how important, SAFE ALKALINE IONIZED WATER is to us as a company.


  • You can even see the FDA APPROVED plastics in their RAW form in the video.


  • To make a quality product you have to have an incredible quality control. Yes it sure does sound simple, but how many other companies offer a Limited Life Time Warranty like Air Water Life?


Quality control along with quality parts allow us to offer this amazing warranty