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“All I can say is WOW!  Water just became the new soda at this grandma’s house. Before I bought my new water ionizer, the only thing the grandkids would drink around here was soda. Now they can’t wait to come over and drink from what they call the “Magic Water Machine!” I can tell you it’s been magic for me.  The grandkids and I love the smooth, clean taste not to mention I’m feeling better and saving a fortune on the bottled water I used to buy for me not to mention what I used to spend on sodas for the grandkids.  Best purchase I’ve made in years!”

Nancy; Rolla, MO


“I can tell you exactly how I feel about your amazing water ionizer in three simple sentences… Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!”

Maya; Charleston, WV



“I can’t believe what a difference this has made…”

“Works wonders… A better value than other products!”


“I admit it, you guys made a hypocrite out of me. A gym buddy of mine has had a water ionizer for around 2 years now.  I wasn’t one of yours though and was a some other company and lot more expensive than yours, over $3000 he told me. So when he kept trying to convert me to the benefits of water ionizers, I told him he was crazy and it that was a waste of money.  But, I did keep noticing that, even though he’s a lot older than me he kept beating my mile time by almost two minutes on the treadmill and kept giving credit to the alkaline water.  I was still concerned about the price though so I did a little on-line research, I found your machines were better quality than his at nearly a third the price.   So, obviously since I’m writing this letter, that was all I needed to know. It’s been a little over a month since I bought your water ionizer and I’ve never felt better.  And, the best part is, while my friend’s happy I joined the alkaline water club, he’s not so happy he paid three time what I did for an inferior product and that I’m closing in on his treadmill time. Thanks for everything Air Water Life!”

Kyle; New York, NY


“Even though I bought my water ionizer for the alkaline drinking water, which is great by the way, I also recently discovered the benefits of all the other settings.  I’ve been using the alkaline cooking setting recently and my soups and rice have never tasted better.  Plus I’ve been watering my ferns using the acidic water setting and they’ve never looked bushier or greener!  This a great product however you’re using it!”

Carol; Sherman Oaks, CA


“Excellent value… The water’s so clean and pure.”

“Good performance… Can’t beat the price!”


“Ever since I started using your water ionizer, I’ve never felt better. I’m pushing 60 but feeling a lot more like 40. I love this product and I’m loving how it makes me feel!”

Leo; Tampa, FL


“I’d read all the articles online I could about water ionizers and how they work but to be honest medical theories were a little over my head. After using it for just a few days, I don’t care how it works, I just know that it does!  I feel GREAT!  It’s like a water filled energy box!  Your water ionizer is my new best friend!  I wake up, say hello to my Ionizer (‘Ion’ for short) and fill up my big water bottle and go to work knowing I am starting my day right.”

Marley; San Diego, CA